As many artisan crafts begin, proper ice cream started in our home kitchen. Many trips to Italy and “foodie” cities such as New York, San Francisco and Chicago left us missing such amazing textures and flavors until our next visit. You can't forget the first taste of a fresh pear gelato with burnt sugar. Experimenting with trying to recreate these experiences was all it took.

After many years practicing law in New York and Florida, it was time to dedicate my life to a real passion of mine. Crafting the most delicious ice creams and sorbets I've ever tasted quickly became a hobby, then a full-blown obsession. The next step was ice cream school at Penn State University, which quickly evolved into years of training with several talented gelato chefs around the world, learning their multi-generational secrets to flavors, pairings, and textures.

There is real science to crafting an ultra creamy ice cream that uses entirely natural ingredients. And we've cracked it. We even use 20% less sugars than standard recipes! Less sugars and zero additives result in a custard-like mouthfeel that doesn’t require a drink of water afterward.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to work in the kitchens of one of the best restaurants in South Florida. There, I was exposed to the unbelievable pace and energy of the commercial kitchen, working side by side with James Beard award-winning chefs. The daily challenge to create new twists on traditional flavors and pairings with amazing desserts pushed the envelope of the imagination and ultimately led to entirely new and unique creations. Think, "Toasted rice and saffron ice cream".

These top chefs were the ultimate inspiration to put a label on proper ice cream and establish its very own dairy kitchen. We continue to learn and challenge ourselves each day to further perfect our mission of offering the most delicious and unique treats you've ever tasted. I really hope you treat yourself to some proper ice cream very soon. It’s simply proper, the way it should be.